Model: Z & G

Shade: Black


  • Billhook Sickle Machete – 14 inch, Steel Sickle Billhook Machete
  • Weeding Sickle Billhook Machete – Sturdy and High High quality
  • Billhook Grass Sickle Machete- Clearing Brush Sickle Kinfe Billhook Machete, Ease to Use
  • Brush Axe Sickle Billhook Machete – Guide weeder sickle, handheld measurement
  • Heavy Responsibility Clearing Sickle Billhook Machete – Excellent for harvest, farming, gardening, weeding sickle billhook machete

EAN: 8414806066207

Billhook Sickle Machete Knife Brush Clearing Sickle Machete with Carbon Steel Blade Sickle Knife – Billhook Brush Axe Machete Sickle for Grass, Harvest, Farming,Weeding Sickle Machete (Black).


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