3Pcs/7pcs/9pcs/16pcs/18pcs/20pcs Stainless Steel Recyclable Environmental Protection Barbecue Tool Set Camping Outdoor BBQ Tool

Materials: Stainless metal 

  • H01(three-piece with fabric bag)
  • H02(five-piece with fabric bag)
  • H03(seven-piece with fabric bag)
  • H04(nine-piece with fabric bag)
  • H05(16-piece with fabric bag)
  • H06(18-piece with fabric bag)

H07(20-piece with fabric bag)
Type: trendy and easy

Baking spatula: 35*75cm
Baking fork: 35*3cm
Grill knife: 33*2cm
Giant oil brush: 45*4.5cm
Small oil brush: 21.5*3.5cm
Baking stick: 35cm-36cm*2.3cm
Baking clip: 34cm*4cm
Meals fork: 6.5*1.5cm
Wire wiper: 35*6cm

  • Tool Sort: Tool Units
  • Characteristic: Simply Cleaned
  • Characteristic: Warmth Resistance
  • Characteristic: Non-Stick
  • Characteristic: Welded
  • Materials: Metallic
  • Metallic Sort: STAINLESS STEEL
  • Package Quantity: >12
  • Ending: Not Coated
  • For The Quantity: 3-10
  • Mannequin Quantity: BBQ Tool Set


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