• Gardeners wanting to check the ability of VermisTerra can now amend their soil with this package containing our hottest objects. Lower your expenses once you purchase this package as a substitute of individually! Kit consists of: Premium earthworm castings (2 LB) and VermisTerra microbial nutrient tea focus (1 Quart).
  • Simple Storage – Resealable Bag and Tea has a protracted shelf life. Ultimate for indoor, bonsai, seed begins and micro greens
  • Wealthy in Useful Micro organism and Microbes: Excessive concentrations of exceedingly lively combination of micro organism and micro-organisms are inside earthworm castings as they’re added by the worm in the course of the digestive course of. The microscopic creatures help in making a wholesome, residing soil that can give crops the right atomsphere for optimum development. Organic waste are deodorized throughout digestion as nicely, neutralizing odor and giving off a pure scent like a forest after the rain.
  • Helps Towards Pest and Illness: Earthworm castings Whereas crops stay wholesome with the regular circulation of vitamins from earthworm castings, crops can defend itself from illnesses.
  • Bounteous and Constant Nutrient Utilization Excessive quantity of diet are launched via the workings of many micro-organisms inside VermisTerra Earthworm Casting Tea along with the nutriment already current. The microbes break the accessible vitamins right down to be simply picked up by crops.
Earthworm Castings – A bit goes a great distance since earth worm castings vitamins are time launched. No odor and will not appeal to pests. Prime gown your indoor and outside crops. Good for seed beginning and supporting plant well being when transplanting. Regulates Plant Vitamins: Humic acid in earthworm castings have the aptitude to unencumber vitamins within the soil to make the vitamins instantly accessible for crops. In contrast to earthworm castings, artificial fertilizers and animal manure which have to be damaged down within the soil earlier than the crops can take in the vitamins. VermisTerra tea is a focus, simply add water and feed by watering can, hose-finish sprayer or by way of irrigation line. VermisTerra Earthworm Casting Tea is a microbial resolution ready by a proprietary method. It is a wonderful fertilizer that assist improve the ecological variety and vitality of the soil. As a byproduct of vermicompost, it incorporates all the advantages of earthworm castings and extra. Viable plant well being and manufacturing depend on their relationship with helpful microbes the tea supplies. Initially formulated for industrial agricultural use and natural farms, now accessible for dwelling gardens. Prolonged Shelf Life, Lab Examined for Pathogens and Heavy Metals: In contrast to normal compost teas, VermisTerra Earthworm Casting Tea doesn’t have a restricted shelf life of some days. VermisTerra tea might be saved for later use. Scale back Publicity to Dangerous Chemical substances: With VermisTerra Earthworm Casting Tea, vitamins and illness and pest management are integrated subsequently use of different chemical fertilizers and pesticides are eradicated. This retains you, your kids and pets protected in addition to being useful to the surroundings.

VermisTerra Organic Test Kit – Premium Earthworm Castings (2 LB) & Casting Tea (Quart). 

Weight 4.44 oz
Dimensions 9.92 × 8.43 × 3.39 in



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