• HIGH SENSITIVITY 360 DEGREE DETECTIVE PROBE: MOSUNECE pinpointer metal detector can target the object rapidly and accurately! It can locate coin, silver, jewelry and gold in variety of hunting conditions, ranging from highly mineralized ground to saltwater-saturated sand .
  • NEW MARINE GRADE IP65 WATERPROOF: Fully waterproof metal detector is tested to be working for more than 48 hours under water. It can sink in the water to a maximum depth of 10 feet, helps you achieve small-scale precise positioning which large metal detectors can’t do.
  • OPTIONAL THREE MODE: 2019 New upgrade metal detector designed to realize the conversion between THREE MODE- Vibration Mode(Silent), Audio Mode, Vibration and Audio Mode. There are three sensitivity levels with different audio and vibrate alert to the different distance between sensor and object.
  • ONE-TOUCH OPERATION, PORTABLE, MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Single-button operation for Power(LONG PRESS) and Mode Conversion(CLICK ONCE). All you need to do is pressing the button and starting hunting! With a belt holster and retractable Hanging Wire, you can use this metal detector whenever and wherever you want.
  • EXCELLENT GIFT: Pinpointer metal detector with high sensitivity helps you detect small metal targets before digging. It can save your time and give much fun in your treasure hunting. Whether you are beginners or seasoned veterans, MOSUNECE metal detector is an excellent gift for yourself or your kids.

What characteristics are you concerned about when you are looking for a hand-held metal detector?


Sensitivity, Easy Operation, Portability, Or High Performance?


This pinpointer comes with all the virtues that you want!


– Audible and vibrating alarms of this high sensitivity detector will beeper and vibrate once it detector any metal object between 1.57inch to 118inch from its probe. Audio will be louder and vibrate will be more frequent when the target is nearer. (the detectable distance depends on the size of detected metal)


– MOSUNECE metal detector is an excellent gift for kids. With one-touch operation, this detector pinpointer will delight your kid.


– One 9V BATTERY is included to power the metal detector. Holster and retractable hanging wire make it convenient to carry.


– Upgrade Fully Waterproof and Mode Conversion design to fit the application in many situations. And the silent mode makes you free from the continuous beepers.


Enjoy finding buried treasure and feel the thrill of discovery when you locate cool artifacts like Gold, Coins, Jewelry, Tools and more!


Product parameters:

Detection methods: vibration, sound alarm

Powered: 9V battery (Included in Package)

Working environment: temperature -20 ? -60 ?

Operating frequency: 12kHz

Tuning: Automatic

IP level: Meets IEC 60529 IP65 standards(Fully waterproof up to 10 feet)

Indicator: Proportional audio/vibration pulse rate

Control: Power switches

weight: 161g/5.6oz

Length: 23.2cm/9.1inch

Width: Approx. 1.5in (3.8cm) tapered to 0.9in (2.2cm)


Package list:

1 x Handheld portable metal detector pointer

1 x Holster

1 x 9V Battery

1 x Retractable hanging wire

1 x English user manual


Weight 0.6 oz
Dimensions 10 × 2.5 × 2.5 in



Three Mode












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