• ?TWO MODES – Waterproof metal detectors have 2 modes. DISC-can facilitate you to search for and discriminate the target type or eliminate the metal type you don’t want, which improves you detecting efficiency. All metal-All metals can be detected, while the sensitivity reach the highest level in this mode.
  • ?INTUITIVE LCD SCREEN -The LED screen can show different detecting depth, the type of the metal , operating mode, overload warning and battery level. You can distinguish between targets and unwanted metals, compared to the knob and dial, our metal detector is obviously more accurate and convenient. This entry level metal detector is a perfect gift for beginners.(Note: The depth is reference only. Actual target depth may be varied.)
  • ?WATERPROOF AND FOLDABLE SEARCH COIL – The coil is waterproof, especially suitable for outdoor activities. You can use it on the beach, seaside and so on to find the treasure.(Note: The LCD Display and the handle part are NOT WATERPROOF.)
  • ?ADJUSTABLE SHAFT – The Metal Detector is in accordance with ergonomic design, comfortable and convenient to use; Adjustable stem extending from 77 cm to 109cm, adapts to users of different height; so not only metal detectors for adults, but also for kids.
  • ?THREE AUDIO TONE WITH HIGH ACCURACY – Adopts a 3. 5mm audio jack, you can connect headphones (not supplied) of 3.5mm , it can reduce the impact of external noisy environment on detection results, make you enjoy your own world of exploration ! The metal detector has distinctive audio tone – a low tone, a medium tone and a high tone, you will know the type of metal just by different audio tones.
In recent years, more and more peole like to use the detector to find some treasures, and have evolved metal detection activities into part of outdoor sports.


Weight 2.95 oz
Dimensions 20.8 × 8.7 × 4.9 in













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