• 🌱 SEE YOUR PLANTS THRIVE in these elegant, matte white plant pots by Vipr. Each set comes with a 8″ x 7″ and 9″ x 10″ diameter planters. This stylish and durable planter can be used indoors or outdoors to grow hardy flowers, indoor trees & palms, container vegetables and herb gardens.
  • 💪 POLY POWDER CONSTRUCTION features recycled PE and PP plastic powders, wood powder and stone powder. This results in an extremely strong, durable, light and weather-resistant flower pot that withstands temperature extremes and long-term UV exposure so the color won’t fade.
  • ?? ECO-FRIENDLY RECYCLED MIX reduces environmental impact while being stronger and more durable than ceramic or fiberglass planters. Also lightweight and movable, this versatile garden pot lets you move your plants to accommodate sun exposure and any decorative layout you want.
  • 🌷 PLANTER WITH DRAINAGE PLUG. Indoor/Outdoor Plant Pots also come with an optional drainage plug. Vipr planters are also DRILLABLE! Add as many drainage holes as you need without the fear of the pot cracking or breaking. Decorate your home or garden with succulents, bamboo plants, palms and all your favorite plants, herbs and trees.
  • 🌴 PLANT-STAND COMPATIBLE Both Vipr Plant Pots can be used with any mid century stand that accommodates pots of 9″ width and above. Our round white plant pot gives plants room to grow without detracting from your home’s decor or color palette.

Pick the perfect pot

The best planter for your flowers and plants is one that enhances both the plants and the location that they’re in. A Vipr Indoor/Outdoor Plant Pot adds a sleek, sculptural look to an area with its rounded design and stone-like construction. Its white color allows the plant to be the center of attention, showing off its vibrant blooms or trailing ivies. Every set comes with a 8 inch width and 9 inch width plant pot, so you’re sure to find a Vipr Planter Pot befitting any type of plant or space you wish to decorate.

The responsible choice in gardening pots

Vipr Plant Pots are made from an eco-friendly poly powder mix that includes 60% recycled plastic powders and 10% wood powder, with stone powder and binders making-up the remainder. This recycled content creates a sturdy, weather-resistant pot that is UV-protective and lasts for years outdoors without solar degradation. Vipr Plant Pots come outfitted with optional drain plugs but they’re also drillable in the event that your plants call for additional drainage. This makes our pots uniquely suited for virtually any type of plant, flower or herb that you wish to grow, indoors or out.

Put your plants to work

Our 9″ plant pot is compatible with any plant stand made for containers 9″ or larger. Arrange your Vipr Pots in different heights and groupings for eye-catching greenery that keeps the air in your home clean and lends visual interest to a room or corner of the yard.

For a healthy, vibrant plant that is the focal point of your home or garden, add a Vipr Indoor/Outdoor Plant Pot to your cart today.


Weight 7.8 oz
Dimensions 12.59 × 10.8 × 10.8 in

Vipr Creations


White Stone


Vipr Creations


Vipr Creations


9" x 10" & 8" x 7"


Vipr Creations


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